Traceability Equipment (Animal Health)

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Who should apply?

Commingling facilities, including assembly yards, sales barns, auction markets, fairs and exhibitions, trucking rest stations, transporters, veterinary clinics and rendering facilities, that are implementing or improving traceability systems.

Preference is currently given to projects that:

  • Support goats, sheep, farmed cervids, bison, cattle, pigs

To apply you must

There are no additional qualifications necessary in order to apply for this Project Category

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Costs for the purchase, installation and upgrading of equipment directly linked to the implementation or improvement of a traceability system
  • Costs associated with training related to the purchased equipment from the equipment vendor or supplier

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • Activities and expenditures as detailed on here
  • Travel and meal costs
  • Equipment not related to traceability
  • Consumable traceability related items (e.g., labels, ink) Multi-use items (e.g., laptops, computers, printers)
  • Capital expenses required to put a traceability system in place
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers which have not met Canadian performance standards (see https://www.canadaid.ca/about/tags-and-technology/)
  • In-kind contributions

Available cost-share

35 per cent, up to a maximum of $10,000

Required documentation

  • Quote from the manufacturer to include a clear description of all equipment and equipment specifications

Merit assessment criteria

  • Priority of commodity
  • Traceability system status
  • Ability of the project to improve traceability
  • Outcomes and objectives of the project


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Edit date: November 21, 2018

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