Business Plans

Stream: Processor



Title: Business Plans

Who should apply?

Any established, expanding or start-up business that wishes to develop a business plan to increase or improve financial sustainability, address growth needs and opportunities, and define concrete next steps.

To apply you must:

  • There are no additional qualifications necessary in order to apply to this Project Category

Eligible activities and expenditures:

  • Third-party advisory costs to develop the following:
    • Expansion Plan
    • Human resources plan
    • Business plan
    • Risk management plan
    • Feasibility plan
    • Diversification plan

Ineligible activities and expenditures:

  • Licensing, contracting, incorporation, legal or other fees
  • Ongoing audits or assessments that are part of standard business practice, including:
    • Food safety audits or assessments
    • Product verification audits or assessments
  • Operationalization or implementation of a plan
  • Travel and mean costs
  • In-kind contributions
  • Activities and expenditures as detailed in the Program Guidelines

Cost-share per cent:

35 per cent

Maximum available cost-share per project:


Required Documentation:

  • Quote or proposal from a third-party organization or consultant, detailing services to be provided, outcomes and costs
  • Applicable Project Information Form

Merit assessment criteria:

Applications will be assessed against the extent to which:

  • Project increases ability to address a business need or opportunity
  • Project provides increased capacity to plan for and manage business growth
  • Project outlines expected business results
  • Project helps address regional (e.g., northern), sector or community level needs
  • Resources, experience and skills necessary to oversee and carry out the project are identified
  • Project work plans are clearly defined and aligned to project goals

Other useful information:

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