Development and Commercialization of Technology or Equipment to Increase Productivity

 Stream: Other Business



Who should apply?

Ontario businesses or manufacturers that want to adapt products, services or processes that will help drive producer and processor labour productivity.

To apply you must

Have completed an assessment and business case that demonstrates the need and impact of the project in addressing current deficiencies, opportunities or risks

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Agri-food technology and equipment development or commercialization activities, including:
    • Material sourcing
    • Technology or equipment design
    • Engineering activities
    • Prototype development
    • Testing or analysis to verify and complement the development or commercialization process
  • Capital expenses, installation or configuration costs related to the development or commercialization of the new agri-food technology or equipment; retrofitting or modifications of existing equipment and technology, process or procedure; and software systems in support of the development of the new agri-food technology or equipment
  • One-time costs associated with training of key personnel on project-related new equipment, technology and processes (e.g., train the trainer)
  • One-time labour costs specifically required
  • for the project, such as contract salaries, benefits and specific per diem fees (excluding existing full- or part-time staff)
  • One-time costs for rental of facilities, processing equipment or machinery required specifically for the project

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • Equipment optimizations and retrofitting for existing technology or equipment
  • Any activity, testing or capital expense for existing technology or equipment
  • Ongoing material or input costs for technology or equipment intended to be sold
  • Travel and meal costs In-kind contributions
  • Ineligible activities and costs as detailed here

Available cost-share

35 per cent, up to a maximum of $250,000

Required documentation

  • Quotes for project costs (e.g., equipment, consultants, training, services)
  • An assessment and business case that demonstrates the need and impact of the project in addressing current deficiencies, opportunities and/or risks. For a copy of the requirements for the assessment and business case, contact OMAFRA at 1-877-424-1300 or by email

Merit assessment criteria

  • Project addresses current deficiencies, opportunities or risks supported by an assessment
  • Project demonstrates all relevant and quantified anticipated impacts the new equipment, technology or process will achieve, such as:
    • Increased labour productivity
    • Increased production output
    • Reduced identified risks
    • Job creation or retention
    • Increased sales or revenue
    • Increased profitability
    • Reduced downtime
    • Reduced waste
    • Competitive advantage for new and emerging markets
    • Technical skills development and improved performance of personnel
  • The evidence demonstrating the need for the project outlined in the assessment aligns with the goals of the project
  • Project work plans and eligible costs are clearly defined and aligned to project goals
  • Resources, experience and skills necessary to oversee and carry out the project are identified
  • Projects costs are reasonable and expected sources of funding for the project have been identified and allocated



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