Technology and Equipment to Improve Labour Productivity

Stream: Producer



Who should apply?

Producers who wish to significantly enhance labour productivity and efficiencies by putting in place:

  • New or novel technological or equipment upgrades. New or novel upgrades are defined as those that have been adopted by less than 20 per cent of the sector in Ontario to date; or
  • Technological or equipment upgrades at Northern Ontario and Indigenous Partner businesses, that may or may not be new or novel

To apply you must have

  • A Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP) Workshop and Action Plan Review within the last five years (or equivalent)
  • A labour productivity plan*

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Retrofit, upgrade or acquire new equipment or technology (including integrated software systems) to increase automation
  • Modification of existing equipment or technology (including integrated software systems) for optimization or to enable the installation of automation and labour-saving equipment or technology
  • Third-party advisory costs for first-time training of key personnel on project-related new equipment, technology, software and processes
  • Third-party advisory costs for development and translation of existing labour productivity-focused policies, feedback systems, preventative maintenance procedures, and standard operational procedures to improve personnel performance, reduce downtime, reduce waste, and optimize labour availability
  • In-kind labour and equipment contributions to a maximum of $2,000 in cost-share

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All ineligible activities and expenditures as detailed here
  • Building shell modifications
  • Incremental and ongoing maintenance costs, or those deemed to be part of normal operations
  • Costs and activities associated with expanding facility capacity or output
  • Irrigation systems or upgrades
  • Travel and meal costs

Available cost-share

25 per cent, up to a maximum of $100,000

Required documentation

  • Certificate of completion for a GYFP Workshop and a copy of your GYFP Action Plan
  • A Labour productivity plan * detailing how the installation of the proposed technological or equipment upgrades will improve labour productivity; and if applicable demonstrate that the proposed upgrades have been adopted by less than 20 per cent of the sector in Ontario to date

Merit assessment criteria

  • Whether or not applicants are:
    • Operating in Northern Ontario
    • Indigenous Partners
    • Implementing upgrades that are new or novel in Ontario
  • Extent to which plan, audit or assessments demonstrate need for the project
  • Extent to which project will lead to significantly enhanced labour productivity and efficiencies
  • Extent to which project will make a measurable impact on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Demonstration that relevant business impacts are anticipated and have been quantified, such as:
    • Reduced identified risks
    • Job creation or retention
    • Increased sales and revenue
    • Increased profitability
  • Role of funding in reducing business risk
  • Extent to which project is aligned with program outcomes


* Minimum requirements can be found at ontariosoilcrop.org


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