Adding Organic Amendments to Soil

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Who should apply?

Producers with fields that have low organic matter or nutrient levels.

To apply you must have

  • A verified complete 4th Edition EFP or a peer-reviewed 3rd Edition EFP
  • A soil test (bicarb test) for the fields where the organic amendment is to be applied that includes the organic matter level and confirms that the soil contains no more than 30 ppm of phosphorus
  • Analysis of the organic amendment (for all types of amendments) that clearly shows the per cent dry matter and is dated within one year of the date that the application was submitted

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • All invoiced costs for organic amendments including purchase of the material, transportation, and custom application costs (where applicable)
  • In- kind contribution to a maximum of $2,000

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All ineligible activities and expenditures as detailed here
  • Costs of all applications involving liquid manure, biosolids or other organic amendments with less than 18 per cent dry matter. This includes any material that has a planned application method that includes transfer via pipes or hoses
  • Costs for fields without a demonstrated soil test (bicarb test) value of 30 ppm or less of phosphorus
  • Costs associated with analysis of the organic amendment
  • Applications planned outside the ideal time frame (May to October) for reduced phosphorus loss
  • Any costs for fields that have used organic amendments four or more times in the last five years
  • Amendments generated on a farm owned or rented by the same party that owns or rents the field where they will be applied
  • Amendments not of primarily plant or animal origins, such as gypsum, aglime, biochar, or liquid carbon
  • Compensation for products obtained free of charge (i.e., cost-share is dependent on the amount paid for amendments that is shown on the invoice)
  • Materials with a fertilizer or Canadian Food Inspection Agency designation
  • Costs of testing of soil and the organic amendment

Available cost-share

40 per cent, to a maximum cost-share of $180 per acre, up to a maximum of $15,000


Required documentation

  • A Letter of Review or a Certificate of Completion for a 3rd or 4th Edition EFP
  • Analysis of the organic amendment (for all types of amendments) dated within one year of the date of application was submitted, that clearly shows the percent dry matter
  • Soil test for the field, showing phosphorus and organic matter levels

Merit assessment criteria

  • Project addresses risk identified in EFP Action Plan
  • Degree of risk reduction estimated to be achieved through project
  • Existing organic matter level and nutrient levels of soil relative to the estimated improvement to be achieved through the project

Other useful information:

Applicants may be eligible to receive funding to apply organic amendments up to three times through the Partnership. A separate application for funding must be submitted for each project/year.


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