Equipment Modifications to Improve Manure Application

Stream: Producer



Who should apply?

Producers who spread manure and require upgrades to do so efficiently and responsibly.

To apply you must have

  • A verified complete 4th Edition EFP or a peer-reviewed 3rd Edition EFP

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Conversion of existing application equipment or the specialized components of new equipment required to convert to a direct injection, below canopy, incorporation or pre-tillage methods
  • Hitched attachments, splash plate, injectors, injector opener (e.g., coulters)
  • Air pumps to facilitate proper emptying of manure pipe systems
  • Rate monitors, sensors, and flow meters on liquid manure equipment
  • Scales to weigh solid manure spreading equipment going to field
  • Spreader tank agitator to keep the solids in suspension
  • Modifications to make existing spreading units operate at lower rates as specified in the applicant’s Nutrient Management Plan (e.g., vertical beater systems)
  • Modifications to support variable rate nitrogen with manure application to achieve rate that meets crop phosphorus needs
  • Slurry or splash guards on box spreaders to prevent spillage
  • Remote shut-off devices for direct flow manure application systems
  • Surface inlet control valves, sentinel tiles, tile outlet markers, monitoring equipment to detect and prevent manure from moving into tile drains
  • In-kind contributions to a maximum of $2,000

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All ineligible activities and expenditures as detailed here
  • Equipment to move manure from storage to the field, including tanks, temporary edge-of-field storage, other pumps
  • Equipment used within the manure storage system
  • Manure delivery or drag hose systems
  • Complete units of manure application equipment (e.g., tankers and farm vehicles with tankers, box spreaders, etc.)
  • Separate pass cultivation unit or incorporation equipment (e.g., aeration tillage unit) that is not part of the one-pass injection unit
  • Custom application of manure
  • Tires
  • Transportation costs of exported manure or local haulage of manure
  • Harvested crop inputs

Available cost-share

  • 40 per cent, up to a maximum of $30,000


Required documentation

  • A Letter of Review or a Certificate of Completion for a 3rd or 4th Edition EFP


Merit assessment criteria

  • Project addresses risk identified in EFP Action Plan
  • Degree of risk reduction estimated to be achieved through project
  • Number of acres covered by new equipment



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Edit date: December 13, 2018

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