Food Safety and Traceability Pre-audit, Gap Assessment, and Planning

Stream: Producer



Who should apply?

Producers who wish to focus on planning activities, pre-audits and gap assessments by a third party against internationally or nationally recognized programs to advance food safety or traceability systems. Livestock (except for dairy) and poultry operations are not eligible to apply.

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Costs for an assessment or gap analysis by a qualified third party (e.g., consultant, auditor or industry expert) to identify opportunities for food safety or traceability improvements in your operation
  • Costs for an assessment of equivalency between food safety programs by a qualified third party (e.g., consultant, auditor or industry expert)
  • Advisory costs related to developing an Action Plan for future implementation of a food safety or traceability system

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All ineligible activities and expenditures as detailed here
  • Pre-audits, gap assessments or planning not related to traceability or food safety (e.g., organic)
  • Costs to perform first-time or ongoing mock recalls and related improvements to existing recall capabilities
  • Recovery of costs from a voluntary or Canadian Food Inspection Agency recall
  • First-time or subsequent food safety audit costs
  • Writing, development, implementation or audit of a food safety program or traceability system
  • Capital expenses or costs of equipment required to put a food safety or traceability system in place
  • In-kind contributions

Available cost-share

45 per cent, up to a maximum of $4,000

Required documentation

  • Quote or proposal from a third-party organization or consultant, detailing services to be provided, costs and outcomes

Merit assessment criteria

  • Food safety priority of the food product
  • Current food safety program certification status to national or international program standards (e.g., CanadaGAP)
  • Traceability system status
  • Impact of the project and how the information will be used in the future
  • Use of qualified experts to complete the project
  • Sales channels and business markets used

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Edit date: December 13, 2018

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