Food Safety and Traceability Training and Education

Stream: Processor



Who should apply?

Food processors with fewer than 100 employees that want to increase food safety or traceability knowledge related to the adoption of recognized food safety or traceability practices or systems.

To apply you must

  • There are no additional qualifications necessary in order to apply for this Project Category

Eligible activities and expenditures

Costs for courses, training and materials from a third- party training institution or industry expert related to the adoption of food safety or traceability practices or programs.

Food safety courses may be offered by:

  • Colleges or universities
  • National or international food safety program owners
  • Accredited/approved auditing bodies for national or international food safety programs
  • Not-for-profit industry organizations
  • Licensed pest control companies
  • Sanitation companies

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • Training and education projects that fulfill academic requirements toward completion of a professional certificate, diploma or degree program
  • Mentoring or coaching services
  • Sponsorship or admission to conferences and learning events or initiatives
  • Writing, development, implementation or audit of a food safety program or traceability system
  • Capital expenses or costs of equipment required to put a food safety program or traceability system in place
  • Training of staff on newly developed or updated procedures, policies or practices related to food safety or traceability
  • In-kind contributions
  • Travel and meal costs
  • Activities and expenditures as detailed here

Available cost-share

45 per cent, up to a maximum of $4,000

Required documentation

  • Course outline detailing training to be provided and outcomes, including a cost summary or quote from a training provider

Merit assessment criteria

  • Size of the operation (priority given to operations with fewer than 100 employees)
  • Food safety priority (high, medium or low) of the food product
  • Current food safety program certification status to national or international program standards (e.g., Safe Quality Food, British Retail Consortium)
  • Traceability system status
  • Purpose of the project and activities included in the training
  • Impact of the education or training

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