Plant Pest Monitoring and Management Tools and Equipment – Plant Health Targeted Intake

Supporting 50 per cent of DON (vomitoxin) testing costs incurred by eligible farmers – up to a maximum
of $2,500 per farm business location (unique Premises Identification Number)

Stream: Producer



Who should apply?

Farmers whose corn crop or corn products (including feed and silage) have documented presence of DON at levels at or above 5 ppm.

To apply you must have

A copy of a test result for your 2018 corn crop or corn products that shows the presence of DON at a level of 5 ppm or more.

Eligible activities and expenditures

Costs incurred on or after October 12, 2018, for the following:

  • DON test kits (e.g. test strips, immunoassays, ELISA) up to maximum eligible costs of $25.00 per individual test kit (multiple kits may be purchased at same time)
  • DON testing fees (including laboratory or elevator tests for farmer planning purposes only) -up to maximum eligible costs of $25.00 per test
  • Testing Equipment:
    • Equipment to process and prepare samples for DON testing (e.g., grinder, sample splitter, shaking apparatus, pipette device)
    • Digital equipment for DON sampling and testing (e.g., weigh scale, scanner, timer, reading machine/DON tester, automated probes)
  • Consumables for the direct purpose of DON sampling and testing (e.g., distilled water, pipette tips), including consumables to improve safety and reduce exposure (e.g., masks, gloves, safety goggles)
  • DON reference materials to validate in-house testing
  • Any eligible costs supported under this project category must have been directly incurred by the applicant and not claimed or covered by any form of insurance or by another party

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • All other activities and expenditures not outlined above are ineligible for this targeted intake
  • In kind contributions

Available cost-share

50 per cent, up to a maximum of $2,500 per Premises Identification (PID) number

Required documentation

Copy of a test result for your 2018 corn crop or corn products from a 2018 corn crop, that shows the presence of DON at a level of 5 ppm or more

Merit assessment criteria

Degree of impact on:

  • Addressing DON mycotoxin risks to plant and/or animal health
  • Contributing information towards finding appropriate markets/uses for DON-affected corn

Other useful information

The close of the intake will be determined at a later time.

A farm business may submit one application per premise. Separate applications must be submitted for each valid PID number.

Costs for eligible project activities must be incurred, invoiced and paid for by the applicant between October 12, 2018 – October 31, 2019.

Eligible costs must be claimed by October 31, 2019.Applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis.

If you have already incurred all costs associated with your project, you may include the necessary documentation to support a claim with your application. Claim documentation will only be considered if the application is approved and only one cost-share payment will be made per project. Upon approval, you will be required to provide additional information (e.g., Electronic Funds Transfer Form) to confirm payment of approved cost-share.

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Any established farm business that is a legal entity and produces agricultural commodities in Ontario under a valid Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN), or an allowable exemption, is eligible to apply for cost-share funding under the Partnership—provided that the farm business meets all of the requirements set out in the Program Guide. You must also have a valid and up-to-date Premises Identification (PID) Number for the farm property where the project is to take place. In addition, you are required to be in compliance with all Requirements of the Law and remain in compliance for the duration of the project.

A farm business may have up to two (2) applications under consideration at one time. A separate application must be submitted for each project.

There is no limit to the number of cost-share projects that a farm business can complete over the five-year span of the Partnership. There is also no limit to the number of approved cost-share projects that a farm business can have underway at one time.

All completed applications received in a given Application Intake are evaluated after the Intake closes. (Exceptions may be noted in the Project Category Description.) Applications are evaluated based only on the information submitted and will not be considered if they do not meet eligibility criteria or if they are incomplete.

Complete applications that meet eligibility criteria are assessed using Merit Assessment Criteria, which is specific to each Project Category. A merit-based application review process is used to allocate cost-share funds to projects.

Conditional approval for funding may be granted for complete applications with high merit that require confirmation of additional information before project approval.

Applications are submitted electronically.* You can apply and submit all required documentation at ontarioprograms.net.

You can also complete the Application Form for the Project Category you are applying under, and submit with all required documentation by email to CAP@ontariosoilcrop.org. Copies of Application Forms are available at ontarioprogramguides.net.

*If you cannot apply online or by email, you may send hard copy applications and all required documentation to OSCIA by post or courier to 1 Stone Road W, Guelph ON N1G 4Y2.

Applications will be reviewed, and cost-share funding decisions will be made after the Application Intake has closed. You will be notified by mail and/or email approximately 45 business days from the date a given Application Intake closes. (If there is an exception to this, it may be noted in the Project Category Description.) There are three possible outcomes:

  • Application is approved – you will receive confirmation of claim procedures and submission deadlines, and a questionnaire that must be completed at the end of the project.
  • Application is conditionally approved – you will be notified about what additional information is required to finalize approval of your project.

Application is declined – you will receive a brief explanation for the decision.

The start date for your project is the date on the Approval or Conditional Approval Letter issued by OSCIA for each successful project. Projects cannot be started before that date. Eligible costs can only be incurred, invoiced and paid for by the applicant after the date on which the Letter is issued.

The completion date for your project will be specified in the Approval Letter issued by OSCIA for the successful project. Eligible costs must be incurred, invoiced and paid for by the applicant on or before this completion date.

New producers are new entrants to the agricultural production industry who:

  • File personal income taxes in Ontario
  • Have proof of ownership or control of productive agricultural assets to generate farm income
  • Have a valid and up-to-date Premises Identification Number for the farm property where the proposed project is to take place
  • Have not had more than $7,000 in gross farm income two and three years prior to enrolling in the Partnership
  • Have business projections that demonstrate potential annual gross business income of $7,000 or more within three years of applying

If you are a new producer, contact OSCIA at 1-800-265-9751 or CAP@ontariosoilcrop.org for a list of applicable Project Categories, and to request a copy of the New Producer Application Form.

Edit date: May 14, 2019

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For assistance with the Online Program Guide, please contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre – Mon. to Fri., 8 am – 5 pm, 1-877-424-1300 or ag.info.omafra@ontario.ca