Plant Pest Monitoring and Management Tools and Equipment

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Who should apply?

Supply chain partners, including seed treatment facilities, grain elevators, seed storage, transport providers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and custom applicators, who wish to focus on incorporating tools and equipment for monitoring, management and treatment into plant health biosecurity plans, to prevent, identify and limit the introduction and spread of pests.

To apply you must

  • Complete an operation-wide self-assessment against biosecurity standards, or a health or pest risk assessment completed by a Certified Crop Advisor
  • Have a site sketch of planned construction or modifications showing:
    • Controlled Access Points (CAPs)
    • Ventilation access points
    • Flow of plants or plant material
  • Have a sketch or diagram to demonstrate tool or technique that modifies current practice and reduces pest risk

Eligible activities and expenditures

  • Management tools and equipment including:
  • Using new technologies to modify environmental conditions or practices to reduce pest development and spread
  • Innovative application technologies that reduce environmental risk and worker exposure
  • Monitoring and diagnostic tools including:
  • Monitoring equipment (e.g., lures, traps, sticky cards, hand lens, sweep nets, microscope, Smartphone apps for diagnostics and monitoring)
  • Environmental data loggers
  • Drone or remote sensing technology Reference materials
  • Pest modeling software
  • Modification of existing air seeders or vacuum planters to install dust deflectors to direct exhausted air from the planter or seeder vacuum fan toward the ground including:
  • Purchase and installation of factory-made or ready-made dust deflector units based on equipment manufacturer’s specifications
  • Purchase and installation of custom-made dust deflectors to modify existing seed planting equipment

Ineligible activities and expenditures

  • Pesticides
  • Routine maintenance of planting equipment, replacement of worn-out components
  • Warranties for equipment or components used for modification of equipment
  • In-kind contributions
  • Ineligible activities and costs as detailed here

Available cost-share

35 per cent, up to a maximum of $25,000

Required documentation

  • Sketch or diagram to demonstrate tool or technique that modifies current practice and reduces pest risk

Merit assessment criteria

  • Degree of impact in aligning with national biosecurity standards and outcomes
  • Support of Certified Crop Advisor for the project design
  • Impact of project on the risk of the pest introduction or spread
  • Benefit to the broader agricultural sector
  • Project is part of a complete plan developed in conjunction with, and resulting from, an assessment or evaluation performed by a Certified Crop Advisor
  • Project demonstrates sustainability (e.g., the project will markedly reduce chemical pesticide use)

Taking an innovative approach?

If you are taking an innovative approach to implementing your project in this Project Category — for example, by using an innovative tool or technique being used in another sector industry or jurisdiction that reduces pest risk — you may be eligible to receive cost-share funding of up to 50 per cent, to a maximum available cost-share per project of $35,714. See the Program Requirements for specific criteria and other details.


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